The Benefits of Projected Markings: Why Are They So Good?

The Benefits of Projected Markings: Why Are They So Good?

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The future of health & safety signage is here with projected markings. If you're looking for the ultimate holy grail of markings that never fade, look no further. The benefits that projected markings bring are incredible. They are a real solution, one which has evolved from the traditional methods that are the most widely used. These more traditional methods of marking can lose clarity within weeks of installation. Projected markings are particularly effective where a more traditional, simple method is not worth installing. This solution will save your company money in a variety of ways; downtime, less risk of incident, fewer installations, and Capex investment, to name a few. Lifting your facility improvements up can also improve the welfare of staff, your brand, and client visits. 

This post details why projected markings could be the ideal solution for your business. 

  1. The durability of projected markings and why they outlast traditional markings. 
  2. The brightness of projected markings; how they are clear and visible to all 
  3. How adaptive can projected markings be? 

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The durability of projected markings and why they outlast traditional markings:

We all know that anything on the floor is going to be vulnerable to wear, damage, spills and more. As a supplier of traditional methods, Warehouse Safety Solutions are well rehearsed in answering questions like; ‘why isn't my marking lasting?’ Many systems have varying degrees of success, but all ultimately play second fiddle to the innovative new projected marking system. 

It is universally known that bulbs have a lifetime, but with an excessive 6-year life, this bulb outlasts traditional methods by brightness at least 12 times on continuous use. If you were to choose to be creative with your projected marking, motion sensors can further extend this life. Replacing the old bulb is easy, as it is a case of swapping it for a simple replacement bulb at the end of its life. 

These projectors’ durability goes to the next level. You can simply move them to another location when required as opposed to traditional systems of marking. Traditional markings must be removed, which is usually damaging to the surface they were applied on, the installation of a new traditional marking is time consuming, and traditional markings do not last as long, as they are subject to continuous wear and damage on the floor.   

The brightness of projected markings; how they are clear and visible to all:

As slightly covered above, traditional marking systems are subject to wear, damage, spills etc. on the surface they are applied on. Contrastingly, projected markings are not subject to this same wear and damage, in fact no matter what happens to the current surface, the projected image will still appear, this is true even if the surface is defective or flooded with water. Projected markings once installed can be opened to traffic immediately as there is no time-consuming installation process. 

At total of around 4.000 lumens, the projected marking will be at its brightest. This will be a continuation of the bulb's life span within the projector and won't dim over time. If a safety message were highly visible all the time, it would likely be a clear safety message that would be bright, distinguishable, and well noticed. This clear and bright safety message would reduce risks and improve general staff safety and company image across the site. 

projected marking

How adaptive can projected markings be?:

Markings visible all the time can become 'vanilla' which reduces the environment's safety. Using trigger points for the projected marking can bring safety to life by creating a visual impact that reduces risk and improves safety. 

Connecting the system to existing triggers such as automatic doors is a simple process, or even basic things such as motion sensors or beams can impact awareness of hazardous situations in the warehouse. This will help enlighten staff members or traffic across the site when a there is a hazard, or the potential of a hazardous situation in the area.  

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The future is bright. The future is projected markings.