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Safety Floor Markings

We offer a comprehensive range of line marking solutions to cater to various applications. With over 27 years of experience in the floor marking industry, our goal is to deliver and install high-quality markings that meet the needs of our customers.

Our product selection encompasses a wide variety of applications, including roadways, car parks, and commercial warehouse floors, ensuring compatibility with different floor designs and durability requirements.

Line marking, also known as floor marking, plays a crucial role in optimizing storage areas and providing segregation for pedestrians.

Safety Floor Marking in Warehouse
  • Provide clear and visible points for inportant information
  • By keeping your facility floor organised through clearly marked zones
  • By providing critical information points
  • Improves the situational awareness for those in the environment

Our floor painting service offers highly durable and accurate line marking for external areas and internal facility floors, including walkways and complete floor coatings in any environment, from sub-zero to ambient temperatures.

To simplify the process, we have categorized our services into collections based on the location where the lines are marked and the level of traffic they will endure.

Additionally, there is often a strong preference or requirement for low-odor products. Therefore, we have compiled these options together for your convenience.

"Bluewater installed Tesla electric charging points, allowing customers to charge their electric cars in their carpark. Requirements for the Tesla charging points meant the new bays would feature their logo and a specific colour scheme, painted onto each individual parking space with high quality paint. Alongside this, the bays would need to be resistant and highly durable, enough to withstand regular vehicle traffic. Doing so would make the spaces are easily distinguishable from ordinary parking spaces, save confusion and clarify that these bays are intended for use with Tesla electric vehicles only."

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