IMHX 2022: A Hub of Innovation in Birmingham

IMHX 2022: A Hub of Innovation in Birmingham

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September 6th – 8th at the NEC was a triumphant showcase of the best the logistics solutions industry has to offer, all at the IMHX event.

The long-awaited return of IMHX came to the NEC in Birmingham on the 6th of September until the 8th, and while it was here it gave us an electrifying exhibition that showcased the most promising, exciting, and innovative developments in the industry!

With exhibits ranging from futuristic robotics technology to new equipment that could drastically improve health and safety in the workplace, IMHX Birmingham 2022 was the number one place to be in the world of logistics solutions.

As well as exhibiting the very best of products and services, this exciting event hosted two conferences which gave industry leaders the opportunity to share their top-quality knowledge with visitors. These conferences featured “the latest innovations across three core zones of Technology, Innovation & Infrastructure, and People” (IMHX).

One of the two conferences at IMHX focused on the advancement of technology and product design to improve efficiency in a theatre dedicated to logistics solutions, and the other was dedicated to interesting talks surrounding sustainability and the strides that are being taken to reduce carbon emissions and achieve carbon net-zero within the industry.

Meon's IMHX Stand 2022

A lot of the products and demonstrations at IMHX 2022 were focused on the importance of health and safety in the workplace. Warehouse Safety Solutions (presented by Meon Ltd) introduced guests to the newest Meon products and innovations that keep everyone safe. Warehouse Safety Solutions’ years of experience working in the logistics and warehousing sector has developed into a complete range of safety protection and delineation products; all of which can play a key role in keeping people safe.

During the day, guests were able to visit some intriguing exhibitions and view the amazing product demonstrations which showed the very best that the industry has to offer. IMHX showcased so many new, innovative products that could really improve the way health and safety is implemented in the workplace. Among these products was Meon’s Projected Markings; Super-powerful compact LED projectors designed specifically for projections in the most demanding conditions. Guests showed a lot of interest in this product, and Meon was thrilled to be able to bring it to this event.

Warehouse Safety Solutions Advisor Bert Spencer had this to say about Meon’s experience at IMHX;

It was the first time we have exhibited at the IMHX event, so we were a little apprehensive as to what to expect. It was great to see the level of new innovation in the industry and the drive to a more sustainable way of working. We were delightfully surprised at the turnout and interest in projected markings and other exhibits, making quite a number of new contacts across a wide range of sectors from car manufacturers and fruit processors through to logistics and distribution centres.''

Meon brought some other fantastic ranges and products to the event, all of which guests were intrigued by and expressed a real interest in:

  • Our Projected Markings range
  • Our d-flexx Polymeric Barrier Systems
  • Our Linelazer ES 500

IMHX 2022 was an exciting event that was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone that attended! The huge number of exhibitions around the hall were all incredibly interesting, and the various talks at each conference were very engaging and gave guests much food for thought regarding sustainability and logistics solutions.

If you want to check out what we got up to on the day have a look at our highlights video -

 If you’d like to take a look at our Projected Markings range click here -

And for a video explaining the Projected Markings in more detail click here –

 If you’d like to take a look at our Graco Linelazer ES 500 click here-

Meon’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in d-flexx Polymeric Barrier systems, as the manufacture of flexible d-flexx products produces one third fewer emissions than the production of steel crash barriers.  

If you’d like to explore our range of d-flexx Polymeric Barrier Systems click here-

 Thank you to everyone that visited the Meon booth at IMHX 2022 at the Birmingham NEC, we hope to see you at the next event!

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