New Product: PermaFyx L273 Asphalt Repair

New Product: PermaFyx L273 Asphalt Repair

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The PermaFyx L273 has been developed to provide permanent asphalt repairs for small defects where it isn’t viable to send out large equipment and a tonne of material, or for reactive reinstatements where there is not the time to wait for the hot box to heat up and carry out the repair.

Being an MMA based product, PermaFyx L273 is extremely durable and has incredible placement adhesion, providing a permanent repair often outlasting the surrounding substrate.  This performance will be maintained even when applied into repairs with uncut edges tapering down to thin edges.

No compaction required which is ideal around ironworks where a common cause of early failures is the result of the ironwork being disturbed by the vibrations of the plate compactor during installation and causing the bedding material to weaken and subsequently fail.

All the equipment needed is a twin handle paddle mixer and a trowel to apply the material.  This is a huge reduction in demand on equipment assets when compared to hot applied systems which typically require truck mounted hot boxes and some form of compaction equipment. Multiple reinstatement gangs could be set up with the required equipment in small vehicles and carry out an increased number of long-lasting reinstatements for the same level of investment and time hot applied systems can offer.

The material takes approximately 2 minutes to mix up and cures through a chemical bond to go solid within 30 minutes and ready to open to traffic, making the system an ideal solution for reactive repairs where the area can only be closed for a minimal amount of time. Of course, it's also a great way to increase your efficiency for small repairs.

PermaFyx L273 excels in high traffic situations where there is constant traffic from trucks, forklifts etc. Turning and screwing over the area, where bituminous cold-lay and even hot lay materials consistently fail after a few months.  In these difficult areas PermaFyx L273 will last for years, saving constant call outs to the same defect.

In summary, the PermaFyx L273 surface repair system provides a Safe, Durable and Sustainable solution that is first choice for installers tackling those challenging repairs.

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