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In order to aid facility management performance, it is very important to ensure your surface and its markings are kept to the highest standard possible. You must make sure you have all the required markings and zones to keep up an efficiently working facility. 

To read more about what zones are required, you can read Meon’s blog on improving your Lean Management through its surface.

In addition to this, you want to keep the actual surface itself free from any damage or dirt. This helps in many ways, mostly because it ensure maximum quality of your line markings, as they will be laid onto a flat surface and as visible as possible. It has been highlighted that constant site assessment and ongoing changes are vital to maintaining a clean and efficient workplace. 

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Meon provides a variety of products designed specifically to aid safety and efficiency within a facility, improving facility management. This ranges from many different line-marking solutions, designed for indoor and outdoor use, to repair materials for different types of concrete and asphalt. Each area of facility surfacing has a solution provided by Meon. You can also view facility packages: HERE


Anti-slip is very important to include in walkways, as it benefits the safety of the workplace and workers themselves. It helps to prevent accidents caused by slipping or falling and allows workers to move safely and quickly from one place to another. Anti-slip is often found incorporated into specific surface coatings or paints, such as Meon’s MultiGrip.


High visibility is essential. This allows workers either on foot or in a vehicle to clearly see all the zones and areas from a distance, in order to know exactly where to go and therefore helping to improve facility management. To achieve highly visible lines, a paint with high-solids is required. Paint can easily be applied using airless spray machines

This is a paint that is formulated to have a higher concentration of resin and a smaller concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOC), making it brighter. Meon supply a range of high-solids paints, the paint best suited for facilities is ViaLine, a solvent based toluene free acrylic solution.


Even the slightest bit of surface damage can have a large impact on how your facility runs. The two main surface materials for facilities are asphalt and concrete, asphalt being for car parks etc whereas concrete is often the material for the internal and immediately external surfaces of a facility.

Meon supplies repair products for all of these, offering PatchMaster for asphalt surfaces, and two different variations of Meon’s new HardMaster for concrete. Hardmaster is supplied as a coarse material for outdoors and smooth for indoors.

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