Marketing Team

Meon’s well-known pothole repair material, PatchMaster, is the latest highways innovation to receive the highly respected HAPAS certificate.

The Highways Authorities Product Approval Scheme (HAPAS – for short) is a nationally recognised and respected scheme for innovative products and systems used in highway works. Developed in 1995, HAPAS certificates and reports have provided highway engineers with invaluable data on product performance.

Products go through rigorous inspection and studying before being awarded the title of ‘HAPAS approved‘, and due to this, it is trusted by everyone within the industry as confirmation of a high-quality product. You can discover more about HAPAS HERE.

HAPAS approval brings many benefits such as:

  • Ensuring the product reduces whole life costs
  • Minimising split liability
  • Ensuring one of the highest quality products in the market
  • Trusted by the construction industry
  • Therefore, any product with a HAPAS approval is guaranteed to provide an extremely high-quality result.

Recently, one of Meon’s most popular innovations, PatchMaster, received its HAPAS approval certificate. This puts more confidence in those using the product, as not only is it now trusted by past users of PatchMaster, but by the whole industry, in its ability to deliver a great surface.

To find out more about Meon’s PatchMaster, you can download the TDS HERE.