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At the time of writing this Britain is in the midst of one of the worst storms of recent times. With snowfall hitting the majority of the country roads are susceptible to damage due to freeze-thaw and general wear and tear. With campaigns being launched to raise awareness for pothole such as; National Pothole Day, even more recently a video went viral of a man posing as a council worker filling a pothole with a very amusing alternative to Meon’s Patchmaster.

This is a major issue for councils, road workers and most importantly the general public, who all rely on the road network for industry and transportation. Is enough being done to prepare our roads after the cold snap?

What is being done…

Recently the government has promised to spend millions on repairing major networks and highways. However, the local councils will only see a fraction of the amount promised and this means putting more strain on local budgets for road networks.

Recent findings have shown that On average pothole damage is costing UK drivers £720 million a year – which is £110 on average.

The Local Government Association (LGA) said that investing just 2p per litre from fuel duty on local road maintenance would generate around £1billion for councils to spend on road repairs. With latest innovations also such as potholes being filled with recyclable plastic bottles in some places, the awareness the current pothole repair industry is getting is at an all-time high.


As part of our purpose to deliver great surface Meon work tirelessly to protect our roads and bring the very best products to the market. Patchmaster H570 is a BBA approved product ideal for fast permanent repairs that can each be used in all weathers – including freezing temperatures – and don’t require any cooling time. You can shop PatchMaster online HERE 

Overbanding is also a key criteria for preventing cracks in the first place you want to ensure no water is able to enter any cracks in the road; this can be done through overbanding. Preformed Thermoplastic Tape is a popular product for overbanding, as it provides a skid-resistant, waterproof seal. Meon’s range ThermaBand is an ideal solution and this strip of tape is easily applied using a gas torch, which fills the cracks in joint repair to ensure a long-lasting surface. You can shop ThermaBand online HERE

Meon would love to work with you to help deliver a great surface so please feel free to get in touch to discuss. You can call on 0808 118 1922 or email Mail@meonuk.com