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The surface is one of the most important – yet often overlooked – areas of a facility. Even as a customer yourself, the condition of an area’s ground will, consciously or sub-consciously, have a direct impact on your view of the place.


Picture entering a car park, for example, where the line markings have been worn down so much that they are almost unrecognisable, compared to one with a clean floor and clear, straight markings to follow. Just by being in a high-quality environment, the user is going to feel more positively towards the area.

Safety is also an important note to make, as it is vital to all public spaces. The surface can play a big role in safety, for many different reasons. For example, is the surface slip-resistant where it needs to be? It is recommended that many walkways, slopes, or areas where vehicles may have to stop quickly have a high SRV on the flooring.

As well as this, the line markings themselves should be easy to read. This means using a paint and application method that result in clean and opaque lines.  This means both pedestrians and drivers should be able to read where they should/should not go, creating a safer environment. It also allows people to be warned of any upcoming hazards or areas that they should be aware of.

So how do you achieve this?

Depending on your budget there are various solutions to improve on customer user experience with your surface.

For great value, Meon supplies acrylic / epoxy paints (ViaLine / TrafficLine) or for a more durable finish there are MMA products (for example, Meon’s Ultraline and UltraStripe.) The paints can be applied with an Airless Paint Sprayer to give the most accurate and clear markings possible.

Separate surface coatings can be also added to provide strong slip-resistant properties, for example, Meon’s Spectrum MultiGrip. This alone improves the surface’s safety.

It is also important to ensure the surface is correctly maintained, as any damage could not only lower the quality of the area, but can prove a big safety risk, as a pedestrian or vehicle hitting surface damage can end in injury. The use of a high-quality long-lasting repair mortar is recommended, so that the repair job stays intact. Check out Meon’s repair range HERE for examples.

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