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Potholes are one of the UK’s biggest road nuisances, with hundreds of them being reported hourly, and millions being paid out for damaged cars every year due to hitting potholes on the road. In fact, all of the UK’s potholes make up a space that is twice the size of the Isle of White!

“This raises the question – How can Britain’s pothole problem be solved?”

There is more than one answer to this, people can campaign against potholes, report existing potholes, or even take measures to prevent them from occurring in the first place!

All of which are effective methods, each tackling different stages of a pothole’s lifecycle. However, one of the most effective ways of ridding our road network of potholes is through an effective repair system. As mentioned above, the amount of potholes already found on Britain’s roads is already twice the size of the Isle of Wight, and more potholes begin to form every day, especially when raining. This itself would reduce greatly if potholes were addressed as soon as possible and repaired using a high-quality system.

Meon’s PatchMaster is a perfect choice for pothole repair jobs, as it is specially formulated to enable first-time surface restoration. It’s a cold-lay material, meaning the application process is quick and simple, and the surface can be opened to traffic immediately after completing, saving time and money throughout the whole repair job.

As well as this, PatchMaster is BBA HAPAS approved! This means it has gone through a process, including laboratory and road tests, site inspection, performance trials and an evaluation of production, to ensure that it is fit for use in the public road maintenance sector. You can view PatchMaster’s BBA HAPAS certificate HERE. Discover more on Magma PatchMaster in the below video: