5 Common Warehouse Injuries

5 Common Warehouse Injuries

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Warehouse injuries account for a significant percentage of all workplace accidents. These accidents range from tripping and falling to improper use of dangerous machinery. We have listed 5 common warehouse injuries and how to avoid them.

  1. Vehicle Accidents: Accidents involving moving vehicles like forklifts are common in a warehouse environment. Operating vehicles in warehouses requires specific training, and incorrect operation can be extremely hazardous. Accidents of this nature can be prevented by way of thorough training, frequently servicing vehicles, maximising driver visibility, and ensuring the appropriate signage is implemented to inform pedestrians of moving vehicles in the area.

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  1. Lifting and Handling: The most common type of workplace accident that causes an injury to employees occurs while handling, lifting, or carrying. Accidents like these often cause back and wrist injuries. Warehouses typically require regular handling lifting and carrying, so measures should be taken to ensure employee safety in this environment. These measures should include employee training for cargo weight checks, correct use of lifting equipment, correct employee posture when lifting and carrying, and minimizing or eliminating manual handling where possible.
  1. Slips, Trips and Falls: Slips, trips and falls are common across industries. 2021 statistics estimate they were responsible for an average of 19% of workplace injuries that year. In warehouses, workers often work at height, meaning falls are a serious hazard. To avoid instances of slips, trips, and falls in warehouses it is good to consider options like anti-slip paint, ensuring floors are level, and covering / securing all wires or cords, and having clear warning signs that indicate a trip hazard.

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  1. Racking and Pallets: to prevent accidents involving racking and pallets in warehouse environments, staff should be trained well in the safe loading and unloading of pallets, safe stacking heights and weights, and the importance of not climbing, leaning, or walking on pallets.
  1. Hit by Falling Object: Objects that are stacked high can put workers at risk of being hit by an object stored above them. Pallet collapses and falling objects can result in concussions, back injuries, shoulder injuries, and worse. To prevent accidents like these, adequate training is needed to ensure that staff know how to secure and move objects stored at height safely. PPE like hard hats is often necessary, as well as warning signs in areas of potential hazard.


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