Warehouse Flexible Barrier Protection

Warehouse Flexible Barrier Protection

Marketing Team

Are you trying to decide what impact protection system to install at your facilities?

I'm Declan Spencer, and today we are talking about flexible impact protections and what makes it better than other systems. Let's get into this!

There are a number of different barrier protection systems out there, the metal one being the old traditional way, polymeric flexible systems the innovative solutions, and other options such as concrete bollards for external use. The main system I wanted to compare the flexible system to is metal barriers and bollards.

So, what's the difference? Well, obviously, they are different materials. One is metal and the other polymeric. As materials metal is stronger, it's obvious, but as a full protection system, the polymeric system can be up to 2 to 3 times stronger! How you ask? Well, let me tell you, it's simple! The polymeric systems are flexible! This means they absorb a lot of the impact energy when the barrier is hit, firstly preventing any injury to the vehicle user or damage the vehicle, and secondly, this means the impact energy is spread across the complete system, stopping that vehicle from going any further.

Whereas the metal systems are solid and relatively inflexible, the fixings often take the brunt of the force and can easily fail upon impact, causing injury or damage to whatever is on the other side of the barrier or bollard.

The flexibility of the polymeric systems not only offers superior protection, but also has a much longer life with minimal maintenance. Put simply. It looks a lot better!

As this system absorbs much of the impact energy, the connection to the floor (the fixings) remains intact, so there's no floor damage to repair. And there's no damage to the barrier itself. Once it's hit, it bounces straight back into its original profile, keeping your warehouse looking perfect.

If a barrier does get damaged upon impact, it's modular! You only have to replace the damaged part instead of replacing a long length of barrier. Another big problem with the metal systems is rust, scratches, paint being removed, black rubber marks. I've seen it all too many times.

Polymeric systems, such as this one, is dyed yellow, meaning the paint won't scratch off, and rubber marks can easily be cleaned. All our polymeric barriers, and in fact most polymeric systems on the market, are thoroughly tested and certified for strength and impact by German TÜV NORD.

All polymeric systems within our range comes with a 5-year warranty! Metal systems, on the other hand, are rarely tested and have no impact rating. Imagine not knowing how the protection systems in your warehouse will fare when hit!

In summary, when your next barrier project comes up, I recommend you at least consider the polymeric option. The polymeric systems absorb the impact energy, reducing the risk of serious injury and damage to the driver, vehicle and pedestrian. And can be used over again with no repair or replacement, no floor damage, and no need for painting. Finally, they are all tested to a high standard and come with a 5-year warranty.

If you are interested, give us a call, and we would be happy to help with a simple chat, site visit or whatever is necessary.