The Future of Health & Safety Signage: Projected Markings

The Future of Health & Safety Signage: Projected Markings

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The future of health & safety signage is here with Projected markings. If you're looking to switch from traditional painted floor signage to Projected markings you will see many benefits for your business, the safety and welfare of staff  and, of course, a load of financial benefits too.

When you make the switch, you're saving time, resources and money by having a permanent solution that can quickly adapt as your business grows, changes or even relocates.

Why projected signage could be the ideal solution for your business.

  • Helping to keep your facility costs down
  • Reduce downtime across your facility
  • Improved operations across your business

Helping to keep your facility costs down

When you opt for projected markings, there are many cost savings. The LEDs used in our projectors have a lifetime of several years of continuous operation, with no reduction in clearness or brightness.

This means that you can use the same projector and signage over many years with no need to renew these unless you wish to change the way your signage looks.

If you wish to change elements of your signage, this is so simple to do. All you need to do is replace your gobos with a new design and set these back in your projector. This is a simple process that can take just minutes to do.

Suppose you are looking to use projected signage. In that case, this can save you money after just one repaint, which is costly to carry out but also would normally have a knock-on effect across the entire business, creating even further costs, such as pausing work or diverting employees to carry out the painting.

Further cost-saving comes with growth or change within the business, as your signage can be transported simply from location to location across your facility.

With traditional painted signage, it is also essential to update or replace every time it becomes worn or damaged, or maybe if it becomes outdated among ever-changing laws and regulations within health & safety.

With projected signage, as a business you no longer need to cover reoccurring costs but can introduce a solution to your facility that can be adapted at the same pace as working life.

When running the projectors, there is a minimal cost attached to the running the LED lamp, but no further costs are needed following the purchase of your projector and gobos.

Reduce downtime across your facility

Alleviating business downtime is another way to save on costs and keep your personnel driven. With traditional signage, to replace, install or update it can take quite a lot of time and mean that your workforce must be off the premises while the work is carried out. This can cause a loss of impetus as workers must take time out and be costly to the business as operations halt over at least a few days.

To install your projectors and gobos, the downtime within your business is almost non-existent. All you need to do is plan where you need your signage to be displayed and make sure that power is connected to that section, then set the projectors in place, add your gobos, and you are all good to go.

projected marking on facility floor

By having projected markings there is no need to replace your signage with other repair works, such as concrete repairs, as the projected image will lay over the top of any flooring or object you put in front of it.

There is, of course, no drying time involved that you would experience with painted floor markings, meaning that your employees are good to return to work from the second the projector is installed.

Once you have your projectors installed, there is minimum maintenance and upkeep, as you will find that the projectors will not fade on your floor with footfall, no dirt clinging to paint or printed signs and no visible damages.

Your workplace will always look pristine, without the need to constantly replace and update over time.

Improved operations across your business

With projected markings and signs, it improves your overall operations as it can provide far more detail than traditional printed or painted signs.

The clever element that you have with projected markings is that you can take them away in a matter of seconds to represent new regulations, laws, or policies within your business.

gobo projected on floor

Our projected marking signage is far more visible in low light than painted signage. This means that you have greater clarity of the markings, and it also enhances workplace safety, meaning there is potential for accidents to reduce significantly following installation.

It can again make any large operations requiring new safety signage far easier to carry out, meaning your work can begin sooner than if you were to have a facility refit of your traditional signage, safeguarding your employees so they can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Are you ready to change to a more streamlined, cost-effective approach to safety signage? We can help with that.

Take a look at our broad range of projectors and gobo signs and get in touch with us today to see how Projected Images can enhance your workplace and its operations.