Graco LineLazer ES 500: How does it size up to other Graco line marking machines like the ES 1000 & 3400

Graco LineLazer ES 500: How does it size up to other Graco line marking machines like the ES 1000 & 3400

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Hello and welcome to the Graco line laser ES 500 launch. I'm here today to explain the differences between the ES 500, compared to its greater counterparts, the LineLazer ES 1000 and the 3400.

So to start with let's look at the power source from each of the machines. So the lineLazer 3400, you have an engine powered by petrol that drives a clutch the drives the pump with the ES 500 and the ES 1000 you have an electric motor which drives the pump. Now obviously, there's a whole separate discussion as to the pros and cons of using electric or engine machines from an environmental perspective. The electric machine is the first choice; it has limitations in terms of capacity, but there are further machines to look at like the ES 2000, which has an excellent pump capacity, and there is continual development in the electric range of equipment.

So the power source difference between the ES 500 and ES 1000 is the voltage and type of battery. With the ES 1000, you have a 12 Volt lithium battery with an integral inverter for overnight move drip charging as opposed to the ES 500 you have two 54 Volt dewalt flex volt batteries, which allows for uninterrupted use with one being ready on a full charge while the other is working. With any cordless equipment, more batteries can be added should you get through a full charge quicker than the application.

 As we mentioned output, let's start with the various outputs for the pumps on these three machines, so we have a 3400 this has  a Max flow of 2.8 litres per minute with the ES 1000 this a Max flow of 2.3 litres per minute. On the other hand, the ES 500 has 1.8 litres per minute. All these machines have the capacity to pressure up to over 3000 PSI or 227 bar it is the tips capacity that ascertains its limitations, so with the Graco LineLazer 3400 the max tip size you can use is a 27thou with the ES 1000 is a 25thou and the ES 500 is a 21thou. So this is the size of the orifice of the tip, more can be found about tips on a separate video (If you want to know more about this check out our ToolBox Tips video on Graco Spray Tips.  

So what does that mean in layman's language? With the 3400 you've got a good capacity to spray up to circa 200mm line with a single tip. With the ES 1000 you be looking at 150mm wide to 175 mimm wide, and with the ES 500 up to 100mm wide. This is typically using with standard products  like single pack products such as TrafficLine, ViaLine, VersaLine and FloorLine, none of these machines have the capacity to add extra guns.

As you can see, there is a difference between the chassis of the ES 500 and the ES 1000 the ES 1000 chassis is based around the traditional line laser, which has added features such as the fat track wheel lock system, an integrated dashboard between the handle bars and chassis based on the larger LineLazer 3900/5900’s. With the ES 500 the chassis is the same as the 3400. The chassis is very light and maneuvrable reducing fatigue but, most importantly, making the unit even easier to use.

So what is the same? With all of these machines, the tip guard, tips and the flex gun system, we recommend using the LL5 switch tips. The actual loading up process of painting and the cleaning down follows the same steps. The only minor differences are the locations of some of the switches or leavers on the machines. The biggest unique difference to point out about the ES 500 is that it has a unique smaller filter system than any other linelazer

All of these machines have the capacity to add laser guides to aid the application process. With the LineLazer ES 1000 it is a simple case of adding the extra laser you require which could be 1700 or the 2000 laser kit. With the ES 500 and 3400 you would need a battery setup kit and holder to facilitate the addition of adding the 1700 and a 2000 laser kit. We recommend minimum to invest in the 1700 laser kit.

So that's a quick overview of the differences between these three machines. You may well be scratching your head as to which ones to choose if it's something you've never looked at before, you can contact us to help you through this process to ensure you are choosing the right machine for your application.

Line marking machine chart

You can see on this simple chart the hierarchy of machines available, so at the top, you have the road going self driven units down to the entry-level cordless machines with varying power sources and pump outputs.

On top of this, you can count on us for support on product material for the machines but also the training on how to use it. With Meon being the UK's supply partner for Graco, we can supply consumable parts and services if you require them. We also have a rental fleet of Graco line marking machines if your not looking to purchase one straight away. Contact us today to kick start your line marking career on 0800 055 4737, or email us at