Introducing our new Spectrum HYBRID FloorLine F212 high satin internal paint

Introducing our new Spectrum HYBRID FloorLine F212 high satin internal paint

Marketing Team

Meon’s newest member of the Spectrum Hybrid family has arrived! Meet Spectrum HYBRID FloorLine F212, our new satin line marking paint specifically designed for internal use.

Our hybrid range includes innovative products, which combines elements and enhancements in technology. Our hybrid range can be used in many locations, with the FloorLine focusing on warehouses, factories and other internal areas where high wear is required.

As a single pack acrylic line marking paint, FloorLine F212 has been developed for use in internal environments.  FloorLine offers an increased satin level compared to standard single pack paints, whilst still having the advantages of a single pack product such as the easy application and faster curing than two pack products.

Why did we develop FloorLine F212?

Meon have developed the FloorLine F212 as we identified that a lot of single pack paint is being used in internal applications such as warehouses.

Internal applications can often be time bound, as areas such as warehouses or factories need to be operational as soon as possible, which is one reason why single pack paints are used as they typically have a faster cure time than two pack products. 

In these situations, sealer is usually not used as applying a second coat and waiting for that to cure adds a lot of time to the process. Another reason single pack paints are used internally is because they are easier to work with than two pack paints, without the risk of the paint curing in the machine. 

Meon decided to develop the FloorLine F212 to offer the benefits of a single pack paint as above, whilst improving the satin level so that the lines pick up less dirt, staying cleaner for longer.  This offers a great balance between the usability of single pack paints and the higher performance of two pack paints.

FloorLine F212 Benefits

FloorLine F212 has many positive benefits to help in various scenarios, however the 3 key benefits include:

  1. Reduced dirt pick up – the increased gloss level compared to typical single pack paints means the lines stay clearer for longer and are easier to clean. This also means you don’t have to refresh the markings as often, reducing disruptions.
  2. Reduced downtime – typical two pack internal paints take around 8-12 hours until they can be opened to traffic, and applying a single pack paint with a sealer on top take approximately 4 and a half hours in combined curing time plus the application time, requiring 2 passes. FloorLine F212 is applied in a single pass and can be opened to traffic in 4 hours.
  3. Fast and efficient application – being a single pack product, the FloorLine F212 has the advantage of being quick and easy to apply with airless spray equipment. It’s less affected by temperature changes than water-based products so it provides a consistent set up

Suitable applications for FloorLine F212

FloorLine F212 has been designed for use in internal applications such as warehouses, facilities and factories.  Typically surfaces in these environments are previously painted surfaces, power floated concrete or tamped/brushed concrete. It is a line marking paint capable of being sprayed down to 50mm wide lines with crisp edges, removing the need to tape out (we always recommend taping internal line markings for the best results).

Whilst it is designed for internal use, the FloorLine F212 is a high quality acrylic paint which could be used in external applications such as car parks and yards which may be tamped/brushed concrete or asphalt.

How to apply FloorLine F212

We recommend applying FloorLine F212 using airless spray equipment, check out our Graco LineLazer range. Spray application will give the most consistent finish and is the fastest and most efficient application method.

FloorLine F212 can also be roller applied if required, which can be quicker if there’s only a very small amount to be painted but involves taping out all edges before applying. The product may need to be thinned when roller applying, using Warehouse Safety Solutions SF Thinners X290.

Surface preparation is the same as for any other line marking application, making sure the surface is sound and clean, free from grease, oil, rust, scale, dirt, or any other soiling that might affect adhesion or performance. 

We always recommend mechanical preparation to create a key in the surface and provide the best bond. Concrete surfaces to be coated should be at least 4 weeks old and have a moisture content of less than 7%. Any smooth/polished surface will require special preparation

For further information on the FloorLine F212 check it out on our website:, or call us to talk to a specialist who can offer you the right product for the job.