Breaking News: Introducing the new d-flexx designer service

Breaking News: Introducing the new d-flexx designer service

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Introducing the new d-flexx designer, before we go into the detail of this new exciting 3D visual designer, let me explain a little about us and our partnership with d-flexx.

Meon was established back in 1994 and has grown, serving a number of industries delivering paint markings and associated products to improve safety and efficiency around facilities. We have developed a partnership with d-flexx to add a safety barrier system to complement markings on the ground. Whilst markings on the ground are an excellent visual safety method, there is no physical protection, and that's where the Spectrum line painting systems and d-flexx barrier protection align seamlessly.

Mechanical handling equipment is one of the biggest safety concerns in most facilities. Recent statistics show that if there is an incident and a person is involved, they are more likely to die than suffer injury. This staggering statement highlights the importance of ensuring your facility is correctly equipped with the right barrier giving the right protection.

Some facilities can be very complex with a lot of different equipment, different environments, a mix of people [workers, visitors or public] on top of this you have the variances to consider- what speed things are travelling or moving and what weight are these objects. These important pieces of detail are required to ensure the correct barrier is chosen for your environment.

For a long time, metal barrier systems have been the go to for safety protection around facilities; however, over the recent years, polymeric barrier systems have come to the front on the following three points.

  • Cost efficiency d-flexx products deform and absorb the impact energy after a collision, the environment and the vehicle are undamaged and replacing is not set necessary.
  • Durability polyethene products do not rust and are therefore much more durable than steel products.
  • Environmentally friendly d-flexx products are all 100% recyclable.

More can be found here in our other blog about choosing plastic over metal for barrier systems.

Decision made, polymeric safety systems are by far the more common choice in and around facilities, especially food and sensitive environments.

Partnering with d-flexx we have sought to make the designing stage as intuitive and straightforward as possible, creating amazing three-dimensional visuals which can be quickly translated into component lists and quick quotes.

It's a simple step by step process.

  • Obtain your site plan ideally scaled. We then upload this onto the d-flexx designer and set the correct scale.
  • Simply pick the barrier from the list of barrier options, bollards and gates.
  • Once you are happy with the design, click and visualise it in 3D, take snapshots of specific areas and then, once all parties are happy – click and submit for a quotation.

To make this process even easier, we have d-flexx experts who can talk through the correct barrier for your environment using speed and weight matrix, create their design and visualise all online free of charge.

Book your free online design now by clicking here.

If you do not have your facility plan, we can start from the base up, a blank canvas.

Safety is important, and everyone should arrive home safe.