How To Install PatchBound Resin Bound

Marketing Team

A how to guide on installing Meon’s resin PatchBound kit. PatchBound is part of the reinstatement range of Magma and is made up of 2 part resin and aggregate to deliver an encapsulated resin bound surface. 

1. Prepare The Area

The area should be prepared to the correct specification for the application. What is included in the kit: 

  • Disposable Gloves
  • Resin Part A
  • Resin Part B
  • Mixing Stick
  • Aggregate
  • Step By Step Instructions

2. Mix Part B Into Part A

Mix Part B into Part A, the resin should start off looking like clear runny honey (Part B) and a (Part A) clear transparent resin. Empty all of the contents and scrape all of the contents into Part A tub, mix it until it is consistent and looks like set (opaque) honey. 

3. Pour Into Aggregate Mix

Ensure you use all the resin in the buckets using the scraper / mixer to get it all out. Make sure the resin is mixed in the smaller buckets before introducing it to the aggregate. 

4. Mix The Resin And Aggregate For 4 Minutes Using A Powered Mixer

Using a powered mixer and resin mixing paddle, mix the aggregate and resin together for 4 minutes. Secure the bucket  when using the powered mixer so the bucket doesn’t tip over. The mix will be heavy and we would recommend using a powered mixer like a Collomix in this video we use a cordless version. 

5. Apply DekorGrip Trowel Lubricant

To avoid resin sticking to the trowel apply DekorWipe Trowel Lubricant this bucket will last across lots of projects. This makes the trowelling process a lot smoother and avoids resin sticking to the trowel and allows for a smoother finish. 

We use the same long handled brush for the DekorWipe and UltraClean X792 later to clean off any tools after the project is finished. 

6. Empty The Aggregate Mix

Empty the aggregate mix where required and screed to the correct height with a trowel.

7.  Firm Pressure Must Be Applied When Trowelling

Resin trowels like the Ox Pro Resin Trowel make it a lot easier to apply the right pressure and save time. Firm pressure when applying the material is key in forming the bound mixture.

8.  Clean Off The Tools

Clean off the tools, paddles using UltraClean X792 – (5 Litre) or UltraClean X792 – (25 Litre). Use the brush to clean off any resin.

Recommended Cleaners

We recommended cleaners the UltraClean X792 cleaners for PatchBound Resin Kits. 


Make sure all the resin is used from both buckets and is mixed thoroughly before adding into the aggregate mix.