How To Apply Preformed MagmaLine

Marketing Team

A quick how to video on the application of preformed thermoplastic. In this video we are applying MagmaLine premium grade thermoplastic, but the same application methods apply for preformed directional markings. Preformed thermoplastic is an extremely effective way of marking out parking bays or roadways around your facility with the use of a gas torch.

1. Surface Preparation

Clean the area of the surface to be repaired. Brush away any loose stone or debris from the area and remove any sand, dire or oily substances. For installation you will need:


2. Pre-heat The Area

Using a suitable propane torch, we recommend The Hornet as it is more efficient than traditional gas torches as it can be turned on off with trigger and therefore uses less gas and on top of that it is easier to control the power output. The gas torch is used to remove all moisture present (if any) and pre-heating the area thoroughly enables a better adhesion between the surface and the preformed tape. 

3. Apply ProTack Aerosol

Spray the area you are about to lay the lines down on with ProTack Aerosol to improve the adhesion between the tape and surface. 

4. Application Of The MagmaLine

Roll out the tape on the area that has been both pre-heated and sprayed with ProTack, then cut to size.

5. Heat The MagmaLine (Thermoplastic)

Heat the MagmaLine using a propane torch keeping the flame approximately 20-40cm from the tape. Do not concentrate the heat in one area and heat with an even sweeping action. Heat until the tape starts bubbling and flowing into the road surface.

6. Heat Until Fully Molten

A closer inspection of what the tape should look like when heat is applied correctly.

The Hornet is a safer alternative to traditional gas torches. It has a trigger ignition, and 2 stage power trigger.


Clean, dry surfaces are important for adhesion. When heating the MagmaLine ensure you keep an even sweeping action.