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Surface Coating Case Study

Surface Coating Case Study

Telsa Charging Bay Floor Surface Coatings

High Quality Tesla Charging Bays Installed at Bluewater Shopping Centre Car Park

Tesla Surface Coating

Bluewater installed Tesla electric charging points, allowing customers to charge their electric cars in their car park.

Requirements for the Tesla charging points meant the new bays would feature their logo and a specific colour scheme, painted onto each individual parking space with high quality paint.

Alongside this, the bays would need to be resistant and highly durable, enough to withstand regular vehicle traffic. Doing so would make the spaces are easily distinguishable from ordinary parking spaces, save confusion and clarify that these bays are intended for use with Tesla electric vehicles only.

 The impact of leaving the parking spaces unmarked could mean that customers mistake the spaces as regular, alongside not meeting the specified Tesla requirements for the correct installation of these specialist electric charging points.

Bluewater Carpark

Systems used

UltraGrip L240 MMA Hard Wearing Surface Coating Traffic Red 20kg
UltraGrip L240 MMA Hard Wearing Surface Coating Traffic Red 20kg

UltraGrip L240 MMA Hard Wearing Surface Coating Traffic Red 20kg


MMA Slip Resistant Coating

Spectrum UltraGrip L240 MMA slip-resistant coating contains aggregates to provide an excellent slip resistant texture on the surface. The UltraGrip L240 is a very durable product, which maintains its slip resistance throughout its life. It is also fast curing, and there is an extensive range of colours available in the range, with the standard colours being red, green and blue. This product is perfect for car park bays, cycle lanes, pedestrian crossings etc. This product can be squeegees applied or roller or brush applied.

Features & Benefits...

  • Fast Cure Time
  • UV Stable
  • Very Hard Wearing
  • Large Colour Range From Stock
  • High SRV
  • Can Have Retro-Reflectivity Added

Recommended use...

Safe walkways, pedestrian crossings, hazard perception bars, ghost traffic islands, parking bays

Resources & Downloads...


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