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Safety Barrier Case Study

Safety Barrier Case Study

Polymeric Safety Barriers

Polymeric Barriers Implemented to Protect Assets and Reduce Maintenance Costs

Henderson Group

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d-Flexx Safety Barrier Installation

"Using the d-Flexx barriers, simple to use, very straight forward to install. A big improvement on using metal barriers, certainly. Regarding getting bumped by a forklift, the flexion is good. I have watched forklifts reverse into it; it comes back out in good shape. "

Joe McLaverty - Henderson Wholesale

Henderson Wholesale were looking for a more effective solution to protect their warehouse racking located in their busy wholesale warehouse and reduce maintenance cost.

A big risk in such a busy warehouse is the movement of material handling vehicles, during day-to-day procedures. MHE is heavy duty machinery and can cause serious damage to racking, leading to damaged assets, structural failure of racking and even serious employee injury or death.

The existing steel rack end protectors in place provided some protection from MHE’s, but this system would need replacing to maintain its strength, due to its metal design. It cannot withstand multiple collisions and on each minor collision the rack protection provided would be compromised. 

Metal Rack End Barriers

Systems used

d-flexx Traffic Barrier

d-flexx Traffic Barrier

The flexible d-flexx traffic barrier provides an optimal protection for machines, inventory and employees.

Thanks to the easy and fast assembly in combination with individually cut lengths, traffic routes can be separated quickly and easily from work areas or pedestrian paths. Bollards are a useful addition at the end of the traffic barriers.

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