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Saica Flex

Hero Case Study

Saica Flex take pride in their proactive approach and commitment to ensuring their employee safety is at the top of their priorities.

They are always open to exploring new ways to increase the safety of their workplace and be the forerunner of quality safety implementations for their company and the manufacturing industry. 

"Our values within Saica are that we care, we value and we challenge. We care and value our employees and are challenging the way we approach health and safety on this site."

Andy Salisbury,
General Manager  

The Project  

Old Safety Floor Markings

Saica Flex are aware of how important warehouse personnel safety is, so protecting their employees from potential hazards in the workplace is a constant priority. 

There was various traditional safety signage in place at their packaging warehouse in Wigan. This signage was effective enough in reminding personnel the correct procedures to follow and of the safety precautions in place to protect their wellbeing, but Saica decided that a more effective signage solution would better suit the needs of their company and employees.

In such a busy environment, traditional safety markings can have limited durability, effecting their overall visibility and impact they have on protecting the wellbeing of personnel.

Traditional safety markings require regular maintenance and upkeep to stay visible and effective at maintaining personnel safety awareness. Over time traditional markings get worn down in areas of high traffic, are prone to damage from material handling equipment and the continuous upkeep needed can be costly in the long run.

The mix of material handling equipment being operated alongside personnel, without adequate safety signage, will increase the chance of accidents occurring.

With over 30% of fatalities a result of a collision with moving machinery or equipment – the impact of these incidents for businesses are huge and something every company wants to avoid.

Following a quick, efficient and easy online demonstration of our products, warehouse safety solutions were invited out to Saica Flex in Wigan to provide an on-site signage and safety survey to talk further about our solutions available and ensure they are suitable for Saica’s requirements.

Sign Blindness
Saica Safe

the Method

Within the Saica Flex packaging warehouse, there are high traffic areas that require specific safety signage to protect the personnel entering the area.

Following our consultation, Saica Flex decided it would be best to implement a series of projection markings, featuring important PPE reminders for personnel entering the work environment, personnel crossways in high traffic areas to reduce the risk of collision with MHE’s and Saica’s company logo to increase morale and positive team spirit.

These projection marking systems were chosen for their benefits - including maximum visibility and incredible durability compared to a traditional safety marking.

Projection Markings
Warehouse Safety Solutions

The super powerful LED projectors are specifically designed for projections in the most demanding conditions, perfect for harsh industrial environments with their IP65 dust resistance rating and a long life 50,000-hour LED, that would be almost impossible for personnel to miss.

Due to the innovative projection technology, these projection markings are not prone to fading or wear and tear, something that is problematic for traditional markings, making them a financial liability.

The new projection markings are an ideal solution and will provide a return on investment and future savings on regular maintenance of traditional markings and warehouse downtime.

Saica Flex were able to install the projectors themselves, opting for their own warehouse team to complete the work as advised by our Warehouse Safety Solutions consultants, meeting the warehouse managers specifications.

"We wanted to ensure the signs were highly visible and that they were being adhered to, alongside the added benefit of the reduction in costs from maintenance and the simplicity of the interchangable lenses."

Tom Leyland, Engineering Manager 

The Result

Projection Walkway

The projection markings have greatly increased the effectiveness of the measures in place to protect personnel and increase awareness of hazards.

The new projections are bright, extremely visible and effective at capturing your attention, providing a reminder of the health and safety protocol in place at Saica Flex.

The safety marking projections are clearly visible to all, ensuring the correct safety procedures are followed by personnel, visitors and other employees who are not native to a warehouse working environment.

Alongside an innovative way to improve personnel safety, Saica Flex now benefit from a reduction in costs for traditional safety marking maintenance, ensuring their health and safety implementations are an asset, instead of a workplace safety and economic liability.

Saica Packaging employees can now benefit from greater safety precautions and work with a reduced chance of injury, helping to keep Saica aligned with their values of good safety practise.

"The purchasing of the signs from the start, the feedback we have received, not just from our own personnel, but from visitors, has been very positive.

We are seeing a overall good reception for the new projection markings and we look forward to the future using this innovation."

Tom Leyland, Engineering Manager

Warehouse Safety Solutions

Systems USed

Signum 75W LED Gobo Projector With 56-140mm Lens
Signum 75W LED Gobo Projector With 56-140mm Lens
Signum 75W LED Gobo Projector With 56-140mm Lens
Signum 75W LED Gobo Projector With 56-140mm Lens
Signum 75W LED Gobo Projector With 56-140mm Lens

Signum 75W LED Gobo Projector With 56-140mm Lens


Introducing the Signum Projected Markings Projector, a game-changing solution for safety enhancement in warehouses and facilities. 

The Signum Projected Markings Projector takes safety to a whole new level for warehouses and facilities of all sizes. Forget traditional signage that can be overlooked or damaged. Now, create a safer environment effortlessly by projecting safety signs, caution symbols, and directional markers onto the floor, impossible to miss. Equipped with advanced LED technology, this projector offers exceptional brightness and clarity, even in low-light conditions. It's durable construction and reliable performance make it ideal for demanding industrial settings.

With its powerful 25, 50 and 75 Watt output and 56 to 140mm lens, this state-of-the-art LED projector revolutionises safety sign display. It projects high-definition signs and symbols onto the floor, ensuring maximum visibility and awareness.

Product Features

  • The body material of the projector is made out of aluminium
  • The Protection rating is IP65
  • The surface Finishing of the projector is black painting RAL 9005
  • The optical system is Line Lens

Customer Benefits

  • The Angular aperture is 25° to 65°
  • Illuminance max at 5m is 297 to 1520
  • The optical efficiency of a Line Lens is 36%
  • The total lumen output is 1.000 Im to 3.400 Im
  • The luminous efficacy is 40 to 45 Im/W
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