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Highway Spec Acrylic Line Marking Paint

Spectrum ViaLine F216 is highway spec acrylic line marking paint that is solvent based. It is ideal for refreshing thermoplastic lines to minimise build up. ViaLine F216 is toluene free, which means this line marking paint is less harmful to the environment and safer for the user. It has an enhanced binder formulation, giving increased adhesion as well as high bead retention and a high solid content for excellent opacity. It is specifically designed for highway use with its high quality, fast-drying properties making this line marking paint the perfect product for almost all line marking applications. 

This quality road marking paint comes packaged in the innovative EnviraPac liner. This internal liner system allows maximum usage of the product, recycling of clean metal tins and, most importantly, a considerable reduction of waste costs.

Features & Benefits...

  • Ideal for refreshing thermoplastic lines to minimise build-up and reduce application times.
  • Bright white colour - Excellent line brightness, safer for road users.
  • High solid content for excellent opacity, specifically designed for highway use.
  • Enhanced binder formulation for increased adhesion to the substrate.
  • External concrete, pavers & monoblocks use UniPrime X250

Recommended use...

Highways and areas of high wear, e.g. car parks. Excellent for refreshing worn thermoplastic lines

Products it works well with...

Beads - EchoStar 5 SBP ECO SRT Glass Beads
Concrete Primer - UniPrime X250
Cleaner - UltraClean X792
Thinner - SF Thinner X290
Line Marking Machine - Graco LineLazer V 130HS


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ViaLine F216 | Single Pack Acrylic Line Marking Paint in Black | 20kg