UltraCrack is an MMA crack repair which is a cold plastic product that is designed for crack infill and overbanding. As with all MMA products, it is very fast-curing, which makes it ideal to live traffic situations where road closure time needs to be kept to a minimum. It is very durable, enabling permanent repairs which will outlast the surface itself, extending the life of surfaces by resisting the inflow of water and minimising damage caused by freeze/thaw.

Product Features...

  • Fast curing allowing traffic within minutes
  • Strong and durable, extra resistant to wear
  • Good skid resistance, with optionally increases

Customer Benefits...

  • Reduction in defect costs and material waste
  • Prevention of regular maintenance call outs
  • No hot works or specialist equipment required
  • Minimises disruption, allows traffic within minutes

Resources & Downloads...

UltraCrack L270 MMA Overbanding & Crack Repair