Projected Markings Projector

Introducing the Signum Projected Markings Projector, a game-changing solution for safety enhancement in warehouses and facilities. 

The Signum Projected Markings Projector takes safety to a whole new level for warehouses and facilities of all sizes. Forget traditional signage that can be overlooked or damaged. Now, create a safer environment effortlessly by projecting safety signs, caution symbols, and directional markers onto the floor, impossible to miss. Equipped with advanced LED technology, this projector offers exceptional brightness and clarity, even in low-light conditions. It's durable construction and reliable performance make it ideal for demanding industrial settings.

With its powerful 25, 50 and 75 Watt output and 56 to 140mm lens, this state-of-the-art LED projector revolutionises safety sign display. It projects high-definition signs and symbols onto the floor, ensuring maximum visibility and awareness.

Product Features

  • The body material of the projector is made out of aluminium
  • The Protection rating is IP65
  • The surface Finishing of the projector is black painting RAL 9005
  • The optical system is Line Lens

Customer Benefits

  • The Angular aperture is 25° to 65°
  • Illuminance max at 5m is 297 to 1520
  • The optical efficiency of a Line Lens is 36%
  • The total lumen output is 1.000 Im to 3.400 Im
  • The luminous efficacy is 40 to 45 Im/W
    Signum 25W LED Gobo Projector With 70mm Lens