d-flexx Traffic Barrier Mono Plus - Corner Post Right for Swing Gate (Height - 1200mm)

The flexible d-flexx safety barrier is an innovative and economic separation of pedestrian areas and trails. Due to the modular system, a customised solution can always be supplied by means of individual cuttings.

This section is used to connect the d-flexx swing gates to the barrier system.

The fixing material is always included in the delivery.

The flexible safety barrier is made of polyethene, post height 1200 mm, post-Ø 110 mm, base plate 225 x 225 mm

  Can be planned individually

  Impact Angle 90°  | Absorption up to 10,000 Joules


Product Features

  • High absorption
  • Easy to fit and Maintain
  • Highly Modular and Interchangeable
  • Impact angle 90°

Customer Benefits

  • Significant Saving Potential
  • No Damages on Forklifts and Pallet Trucks
  • Highly Visible - Effectively Protected
  • No Rust - No Unwanted Particles


d-Flexx Traffic Barrier Mono PLUS - Right Corner Post for Swing Gate [Juliet]