This product is the middle post only, which is part of the Traffic Barrier Mono system. All fixing materials are included.

Height - 500mm

The d-flexx Traffic Barrier Mono barrier systems are specifically designed to protect racking or other vulnerable fixed assets from accidental damage caused by MHE movement, in medium to high traffic areas. The Mono is a single rail system which is suitable for medium to high MHE traffic levels.

There is also the Kerb system, which is a direct-to-floor fix option, where stock management or soft vehicle guidance is required.

Typical examples of areas where d-flexx Traffic Barriers would be used are;

  • MHE routes through racking areas
  • 'Back-stop' to prevent stock being pushed outside a specific area
  • Marking out main traffic routes and protecting them from infringement by stock or other storage
  • Creating physical guidance for stock lanes, preventing 'creep', maximising the use of space & improving efficiency

The d-flexx barrier systems can also be incorporated into other d-flexx pedestrian safety rail systems, see Mono Plus systems for more information.

d-Flexx Traffic Barrier Mono - Middle Post [Charlie]