The d-flexx Traffic Barrier Dual Plus system is designed to protect medium to high traffic areas. It is a combination of our Traffic Barrier Dual system [which is designed to protect equipment & racking] and our Pedestrian Barrier 3 Rail system [which is designed to segregate pedestrians & MHE]

Typical examples of areas where d-flexx Traffic Barrier Dual Plus would be used are;

  • Main MHE routes through a warehouse or production area
  • Areas where there is a high amount of stacking or other MHE movements, at 90 degrees to a pedestrian route - this is a high-risk area as MHE's are reversing into a pedestrian route
  • Areas where a walkway runs behind storage or marshalling areas, where there is the risk of pallets, crates, etc being pushed inadvertently into a pedestrian route whilst the pedestrians are likely to be out of site of the MHE driver

This product is the middle post only, which is part of the Traffic Barrier Dual Plus system. All fixing materials are included.

Height - 1200mm

The d-flexx Traffic Barrier Dual Plus system is fully configurable to accommodate corners, junctions & intersections. It also interfaces with our other systems, such as the range of swing pedestrian gates & dock leveller gates.

d-Flexx Traffic Barrier Dual PLUS - Middle Post [Lima]