This product is a base plate which can be used the Traffic Barriers, Machine Protection, Bollards and Rack Protection.

Contact us today for more information or a site assessment & Risk Analysis. 


How we can help

We offer a full design service, starting from... 

  1. Assessing your site requirements
  2. Helping you complete a Risk Analysis to identify which systems suit your needs
  3. Preparing a full site CAD drawing showing what the systems will look like when installed in your location
  4. Submitting full costs to supply & deliver the systems you require
  5. Training your site staff to install the system correctly...
  6. or pricing for us to install, if you prefer
  7. Final site visit to sign off the installation 



At Warehouse Safety Solutions, we are committed to Sustainability. We have selected the d-flexx system specifically as whilst it uses plastics, it represents a very sustainable option in a number of key areas

  • Carbon footprint - production; the production processes have a lighter carbon footprint than those used for traditional alternatives such as steel, 
  • Carbon footprint - transport; metre for metre, the d-flexx system is much lighter that traditional alternatives, meaning that transport has a much lower footprint all through its route to yourself
  • Through-colour finish; the product is supplied completely finished and requires no painting - no extra carbon footprint incurred
  • Zero-maintenance - no painting ever required, so no extra carbon footprint incurred thoughout its life
  • Flexible barriers - accommodate knocks & scrapes without requiring any consequent maintenance or replacement, so no extra carbon footprint incurred thoughout its life 



d-Flexx Traffic Barrier Base Slider Plate [Bravo/Charlie/Echo/Hotel/Lima]