This product is a slide gate of length 1200mm. This can be used with the Traffic Barrier Mono Plus System. All fixing materials are included.

There are some situations where controlled access is required but which are not suitable for swing doors. In these situations, you can use the Sliding door option, as this telescopes inside the adjoining barrier space.

It is also ideal for use to control access to areas such as mezzanine floors where loading is required at times through the barrier. In busy areas, a dual set-up can be used to create a safe landing space to receive or dispatch loads, whilst still maintaining full integrity of the barriers

Available to fit 3 and 4 rail pedestrian barrier and mono plus systems, or as a freestanding unit to upgrade an existing barrier install.


Product Features

  • High absorption
  • Easy to fit and Maintain
  • Highly Modular and Interchangeable
  • Impact angle 90°

    Customer Benefits

    • Significant Saving Potential
    • No Damages on Forklifts and Pallet Trucks
    • Highly Visible - Effectively Protected
    • No Rust - No Unwanted Particles
    d-Flexx Slide Gate (for Traffic Barrier Mono PLUS) - Length 1200mm [Oscar]