d-flexx Rack-End Barrier Mono - Length 1100mm x Height 500mm [Golf]

The flexible d-flexx rack-end barrier is the ideal product to protect racks and assembly lines from collisions in low ground areas.

The round shape allows the colliding forklift to bounce off the barrier, therefore absorbing the force. It functions as a guide throughout the installed area. The barrier can be combined with most of our d-flexx collection for a full safety solution.

As our other products, it is made from polyethylene to absorb the impact force and return into its original shape.

It is easy to install with just two screws and a cost effective way to prevent low ground collisions.

The fixing material is always included in the delivery.

  Can be planned individually

  Impact Angle 90°  | Absorption up to 10,000 Joules

Product Features

  • High absorption up to 10,000 joules
  • Easy to fit and Maintain
  • Highly Modular and Interchangeable
  • Impact angle 90

Customer Benefits

  • Significant Saving Potential
  • No Damages on Forklifts and Pallet Trucks
  • Highly Visible - Effectively Protected
  • No Rust - No Unwanted Particles
d-Flexx Rack-End Barrier Mono - Length 1100mm [Golf]