d-flexx Pedestrian Bollard - Height 1200mm [Delta]

The flexible d-flexx safety post absorbs the impact energy. The processed special material does not damage the bollard and the vehicle.

Due to its robustness and high visibility, the bollard is ideal to be installed on parking, entrances and for the separation of pedestrian areas.

The fixing material is always included in the delivery.

The flexible safety post is made of polyethene, post height of 1200 mm, post-Ø 110 mm, and a base plate of 225 x 225 mm.

Product Features

  • High absorption up to 2,500 joules
  • Easy to fit and Maintain
  • Highly Modular and Interchangeable
  • Impact angle 90°

Customer Benefits

  • Significant Saving Potential
  • No Damages on Forklifts and Pallet Trucks
  • Highly Visible - Effectively Protected
  • No Rust - No Unwanted Particles

  Can be planned individually

  Impact Angle 90°  | Absorption up to 10,000 Joules



d-Flexx Pedestrian Bollard - Height 1200mm [Delta]