What Are Polymeric Barriers?

What Are Polymeric Barriers?

Marketing Team

Suppose you are looking after warehousing or manufacturing facilities and have invested in any kind of safety barrier system to protect pedestrians, machinery, or stock. In that case, you may have come across the expression polymeric barriers.

So, what are polymeric barriers?

Definition of polymeric is simply a blend of several types of plastic materials.

You may wonder how plastic materials of any kind can even be remotely suitable for protection against impact from moving vehicles, and this is indeed a fair question.

Not all materials are, that is for sure and having looked into it extensively, we have homed in on the use of a material called polyethylene.

We use this material for our plastic barrier system because it exhibits specific characteristics that make it the most suitable plastic material.

It remains flexible across a wide range of temperatures from far below freezing right up to the maximum temperature you would find in any of our installations, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Exclued out from external areas such as airfields or internal cold stores right up through to heavy manufacturing facilities where warmer temperatures may be the norm. All through this temperature range the material will not snap on the impact.

forklift driving into polymeric barrier

It also has self-healing properties, and this very simply means that if the material is distorted through an impact, then this or gradually returns to its original shape without needing any replacement or weakening its strength over time.

The material is manufactured from virgin polyethylene. If any recycled material is used in its manufacturer, we cannot guarantee the lifetime performance, which is a critical factor when protecting primarily workers from harm.

When the material reaches the end of its life, it is fully recyclable.

The material is also entirely through coloured and is UV stable, making it suitable for all applications and looks good without any painting or other maintenance being required.

When you add that the system is entirely modular and can easily be changed or altered without any particular skill set requirements. This includes welding or hot cutting. Then we would encourage be consideration of these modern barrier systems as the lifetime cost can be considerably less when compared to traditional metal barrier systems.

If your looking to use polymeric barriers then get in touch today and we will be able to help with your barrier project. Contact us on 0800 055 4737 or email us at info@warehousesafetysolutions.co.uk.