How Your Surface Could Be Affecting Your Business.

How Your Surface Could Be Affecting Your Business.

Marketing Team
Did you know 89% of industry professionals say brand awareness is the most important goal of a business?

Due to the ever-growing amount of competition in the retail and distribution industry, having a clear, different, and recognizable personality is vital. The companies who do this will always stand out from the crowd, which brings multiple benefits to your business – from gaining recognition in the industry to becoming a large reputable brand. In fact, retaining a strong brand identity has actually been proven to directly affect revenue, with the average revenue increase attributed to consistently presenting the brand being 23%.

So, how is this achieved?

Many blogs and articles will highlight why you need to consistently represent your brand, but few tell you how. There are the more obvious approaches – such as online presence, external branding etc, but one big method is actually quite surprising: Your facility’s surface.

It may sound odd, but it actually makes a lot of sense when you read into it. Think about it, if you’re pushing the idea that your company is a reliable, reputable brand, you should present that in every aspect of the business. One of the most overlooked areas when it comes to doing this is in the company’s storage and distribution sector. It’s also one of the easiest to achieve.

Businesses that have upgraded their facilities have reported a noticeable increase in positive attitude throughout the workplace, therefore leading to a rise in overall productivity and employee effectiveness. There are a small number of steps to take when upgrading your facility. For example, ensuring everything has its own place, and things are stored correctly. This is where the 5 S’s of lean management comes in to play. You can read more on these here.

One of the most effective systems to use when marking a facility’s surface is a specialised line marking paint – as opposed to other areas which could potentially benefit more from preformed markings.

Meon has recently launched two new innovative marking solutions, FloorCote and SureStripe. Specifically designed for internal markings in facilities- the range is available in a water-based, Polyurethane, and epoxy variation. Not only are they low odour, but also have excellent resistance to chemicals, water, oils, greases and mechanical abrasion. This makes them perfect for line marking in facility conditions.

Now, whilst you may have decided which solution will work best in your case, you’ll still need to pick the markings needed. The colour and style you choose will depend on the function the area is being used for. To figure out what the best paint applications for different areas of the warehouse are, check out Meon’s article Products to Aid Facility Management, which includes a free infographic detailing different warehouse sectors.


If the correct methods and techniques are applied to revamping your facility’s surface, you are guaranteed to see a change within the company. This comes from a combination of increased employee morale, customer trust, and the improvements on productivity due to the implementation of the 5S’s.

To find out more about how YOU can make the simple changes to improve your business through its surface, check out Meon’s facility page here.