How much do line markings cost?

How much do line markings cost?

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One question that is not answered much within the industry is 'How much do line markings cost'. When it comes to costing for line markings, there are two key elements to consider: the cost of the materials and the cost of the application process.

The cost of material is a big question in itself, and it covers quite a range as there is a large choice of materials that can be used. As a guide, a good starting price would be highway grade paints at around 38-40 pence per metre of 100mm wide line in white or yellow. A mid-way spec would be a two-pack epoxy at around 45-50 pence per metre, whilst a high spec cold plastic would range from £1.00-£1.40 per metre.


The application cost is a little more difficult to define as it is always site-specific. However, there are 3 key elements to consider in broad terms:

  1. There may be a need for removal of existing markings.
  2. There is usually some mechanical preparation required to make sure the line marking 'sticks' to the surface and does not flake off.
  3. Then there is the actual application of the line marking. Most of the products are sprayed on using specialised airless spray equipment, which is a fast way of application and helps keep costs down. However, there are a few products which can only be applied by hand – this is a slower process so usually slightly more costly.

internal line marking

    The cost of the application will therefore need to cover all of the 3 key elements & is typically charged per visit, sometimes referred to as an 'attendance'. Such costs will vary quite considerably across different areas, but prices in the region of £600 to £1000 are usual. While the initial reaction is to work this back to an hourly rate and think that it is extremely expensive, bear in mind that there are many more costs to consider than just an hourly wage. Vehicle & fuel costs, staff training, insurance, plant & equipment are just a few of these extra costs that have to be factored in.

    As a guide, an experienced line marking crew would be able to lay around 150-200 metres per day if the whole removal/prep/application process is required, which equates to around 25 car parking bays.

    Finally, just a bit of advice about lifetime cost/value. More durable materials are more expensive initially, some are slower to apply and take slightly longer to cure before you can traffic them. However, if you consider the relative life expectancy, they work out less expensive over their lifetime, and as they last longer, you do not have to go through the disruption so often.

    It is estimated that cold plastic materials could last for up to 3 years in high traffic areas compared to around 1 year for lower cost floor marking solutions.


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