Basler MP12 Rapid | Winter Grade MMA Lining System | MEON

Basler MP12 Rapid | Winter Grade MMA Lining System | MEON

Marketing Team

We are aware that current spray MMA solutions take longer to cure in colder temperatures as the chemical reaction that cures the markings is slowed down.

So we are now introducing the Basler MP12 Rapid, a winter grade spray MMA line marking paint specially developed for use through the winter when the temperatures are colder.

MP12 Rapid maintains a fast cure in low temperatures down to 5°C to allow you to carry on applying the highest quality line markings through the winter months with no additional time required for the applications.

...and we really mean the highest quality, the MP12 Rapid has certification proving it maintains the highest level of day time AND night time visibility even after 2 million wheel passes.

We obviously want to make it as easy as possible for you to use, so we made sure it can be applied using reactive beads with any of the Graco LineLazers with a Pressurised Bead System.

The MP12 Rapid allows you to continue your line marking schemes through the winter months with the simplest possible application method and provides the highest quality results.

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