How To Apply Overbanding Tape

Marketing Team

How to apply Meon’s overbanding tape ThermaBand. ThermaBand is a product made from preformed thermoplastic, which is used to seal joints in asphalt surfaces, preventing water ingress & associated frost damage.

1. Surface Preparation

Clean the area of the surface to be repaired. Brush away any loose stone or debris from the area and remove any sand, dire or oily substances. For installation you will need:

  • ThermaBand
  • Gas Torch we recommend The Hornet
  • Broom

2. Pre-heat The Area

Using a suitable propane torch, we recommend The Hornet, remove all moisture present (if any) pre-heat the area thoroughly prior to treatment. 

3. Application Of ThermaBand

Remove the packaging and carefully place the Thermaband Tape onto the road surface with the glass coated top facing up. Position the tape as accurately over the crack for optimum performance. Then cut to size. 

4. Heating the ThermaBand

Heat the Thermaband using a propane torch keeping the flame approximately 20-40cm from the tape. Do not concentrate the heat in one area and heat with an even sweeping action. Heat until the tape starts bubbling and flowing into the road surface.

The Hornet is a safer alternative to traditional gas torches. It has a trigger ignition, and 2 stage power trigger.


Clean, dry surfaces are important for adhesion. When heating the overbanding tape ensure you keep an even sweeping action.