How To Apply Internal Line Markings

Marketing Team

How to apply internal line marking paints – Spectrum SureStripe.

1. Choosing The Right Primer

Ensure you have the right paint primer, prior to starting to ensure better adhesion. 

Previously Painted Floors – As with all coating applications, suitable pre-treatment of the floor is of the utmost importance. Old paint, especially with suspect adhesion or of an unknown type, should be completely removed. Some paints may still lift, be softened, or cause poor inter-coat adhesion when this system is applied on top of them. So, it is always advisable on any surface to check for suitability and defects by undertaking small-scale trials. If the old paint is satisfactory, clean and abrade the surface in the normal way.

Heavily Contaminated Floors – Very few paints will adhere satisfactorily to floors with deposits of grease, oils etc. To avoid failure it will be necessary to mechanically abrade the floor to remove the excess contamination.

New Floors/Uncoated Surfaces – For best results prime concrete with a compatible primer. It is important to allow sufficient drying between the coats. Concrete – Should be clean, dry and free from dust, dirt, grease and other contaminates etc. Do not apply to newly laid concrete. Surfaces to be coated should be at least 4 weeks old and have a moisture content of less than 7%. Please note that any smooth/polished surface will require special preparation; please call or email pictures of your specific situation and we will advise on recommended preparation procedure. Test trials should be carried out in the first instance on a small area.

2. Mixing Process 

Ensure the product is throughly mixed, using a mechanical mixer before use. 

3. Masking Out

Mask out using tape for roller application. ProGaff is shown in the video and is available from Meon in flourescent green or orange.

For larger areas you may consider using a tape marking machine like the StraightLine 1000 to save your back and ensure perfectly straight lines. The application video, shows how much easier it is to get consistent finishes. 

4. Applying the Paint

Apply the paint between the two lines, with a medium pile roller evenly at the thickness specified. You can do this with a film thickness gauge.

5. Applying The Paint With Graco LineLazer

For efficient application, use a Graco LineLazer airless sprayer. If you are looking into purchasing a Graco LineLazer machine and not sure which machine to choose, speak to our sales team about demos, training and hire purchase options. 

6. Applying The Sealer

When the line is cured, seal with a compatible Spectrum sealer to ensure your lines last longer, have better chemical resistance and bright visual appearance. If you have questions regarding which sealer, cleaner or product to use our Technical DataSheets provide further information or call our team on: 02392 200 606.


Preparation is key, if using a LineLazer ensure you have the compatible cleaner to the paint sprayed available immediately after use to extend the product life and ensure you have crisp lines.