How To Apply Floor Graphics

Marketing Team

How to lay internal and external floor graphics. Those used in this demonstration are from the FloorMark 900 Range available from Meon. FloorMark R900 range is a simple, fast and effective system to ensure safety on your site. See more of the FloorMark range on our website.

1. Preparation

Prior to application ensure you have the following equipment ready.

Ensure surface is dry, sound, clean and free from laitance.

2. Prime The Area

Position the graphic as supplied in the desired location and mark the outline with a suitable floor marker. Prime the substrate where the graphic is to be applied with Meon UniPrime X850. Shake the bottle of primer well and apply by roller at a WFT of 230 microns. Wait 10-15 minutes until primer is partially dry but still tacky before applying the graphic.

3. Application Of The Graphic

Turn over the graphic and peel back approximately 100mm of the protective silicone on one side. Carefully place the graphic in position and press down the exposed adhesive firmly. slowly remove the remainder of the silicone whilst pressing the graphic into place.

4. Cover the Graphic With The Protective Silicone Then Roller

Cover the graphic with the protective silicone from the back and slowly compact it with a tamping roller. Always roll in one direction at a time and do not turn the roller as you could deform the graphic. Roll in firmly using at least ten passes and ensure all edges are well adhered. After compacting the graphic, the area can be opened immediately for use

UniPrime X850 is the recommended primer to ensure an even stronger bond.

5. Dispose of the Protective Silicone

Dispose of the protective silicone layer, and the area can be opened immediately for use.