How To Apply Crack Infill And Overbanding

Marketing Team

How to apply crack infill and overbanding using cold lay materials. In this article we are using Meon’s highly durable MMA cold plastic product UltraCrack, designed for crack infill and overbanding. UltraCrack is an easy to apply fast curing kit available from Meon.

1. Surface Preparation

UltraCrack is designed for use on asphalt surfaces only. The application surface should be dry, sound and clean, free from grease, oil, rust, scale, dirt, or any other soiling that might affect adhesion or performance.

For installation you will need:

2. Stir The Resin Base

Use the mechanical mixer to get a consistent resin consistency before adding the catalyst, mixing paddles are available from Meon.

Mix throughly for 1-2 minutes, to allow the catalyst to dissolve. Quantity of catalyst powder should be halved if temperature is above 25°C. Warning the product will start to cure rapidly after mixing. 

3. Application Of UltraCrack Infill

Pour the UltraCrack into the hand mould, and extrude the product along the line of the joint crack. There are various types available, hand moulds vary to suit your need / crack width. You can also over scatter grey bauxite, but this is not often required for crack infill. 

4. Uncured UltraCrack – Cleaning Process 

Uncured UltraCrack should be cleaned from tools and equipment immediatedly using Meon UltraClean x795. The area can be trafficked after 50 minutes at 15°C.

UltraClean X795, is a suitable cleaner for uncured UltraCrack. Be aware that once materials are used with cured UltraCrack they will need to be disposed of.

5. Working Time

Pot life: 5 -10 minutes at 15°C
Touch dry: 15 minutes at 15°C
Traffic time: 50 minutes at 15°C


Do not apply when the air or surface temperature is below 5°C or less than 3°C above dew point, or if this is likely to occur during the curing period.

Do not apply when there is rain, mist, fog, or snow imminent; when humidity is high or the surface is wet with condensation or likely to be during the drying period.