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Enhancing Safety Awareness with Polymeric Pedestrian Barriers and High Visibility Safety Markings


Case Study

With a manufacturing factory in Warwickshire, Thwaites LTD is aware of the importance of workplace and facility safety and is constantly evolving.

They are always looking for proactive ways to provide the best safety and enhance the protection measures in place for their assets, especially their employees and visitors to the site.

"Thwaites continuously reviews best practice and regularly consults with the market to find the solutions that will add value, by further reducing risk, providing enhanced protection to our team, our supply chain and our visitors.

One such supplier is Warehouse Safety Solutions, from Meon "

Will Redman,
Distributor Manager, North - Thwaites  

The Project  

Old Floor Markings

Thwaites had an external personnel walkway surrounding their manufacturing factory, they were looking to reduce the risk of vehicles and machinery entering the personnel walkway by installing a new safety barrier system.

Additionally, their existing racking protection system needed updating, with the current system featuring metal barriers that were not the most practical solution for the space available.

“The importance for this safety improvement was to ensure vehicle traffic would be kept completely away from the personnel walkway.

We wanted to combine this installation with the refreshing of our zebra crossings and transport bay surface markings.”

Paul Evetts, Planning and Supply Manager

In such a busy environment, proactive risk reduction for personnel injury is a top priority for Thwaites. 

With over 30% of workplace fatalities resulting from a collision with moving machinery or equipment – the impact of these incidents for businesses are huge and something every company wants to avoid.

Alongside this, their external personnel walkways, zebra crossings and transport bay surface markings needed refreshing, with some additional cracked concrete surfaces requiring repairs.

Surface safety markings need to be highly visible to ensure they are promoting the correct procedures and proactively increasing personnel safety awareness.

The impact of leaving deteriorating surfaces unkept can lead to further surface failure, reducing the durability and effectiveness of the surface safety markings found on them. 

Old Floor Markings

the Method

After discovering Warehouse Safety Solutions at The Health & Safety Event 2022, Thwaites arranged a visit from an advisor, to discuss the various options available to implement the desired safety improvements.

Thwaites were looking to have the project managed and installed by Meon's On Demand Install Team, made up of vetted professional contractors.

“We first met Meon during a continuous safety improvement visit to the Health & Safety Event in 2022.

We were really impressed with their product range, safety improvement systems and engagement with our business.

This led to discussion in late 2022 around the safety integration we planned to install in the summer factory shut down of 2023. ”

Paul Evetts, Planning and Supply Manager

Warehouse Safety Solutions
Warehouse Safety Solutions
Warehouse Safety Solutions

A d-Flexx Barrier System was recommended as the ideal solution to surround the personnel walkway, increasing safety and protection of personnel and assets, whilst being the most practical solution for the space available.

Additionally, UltraLine L210, a hard-wearing MMA paint, suitable for external use, was recommended for use to refresh the surface safety markings and transport bays.

ViaLine F210, a solvent based acrylic line marking paint was recommended for the stencil applied walking men and transport bay lettering.

UltraCrack L275, a flexible joint and crack repair system was recommended for the cracked concrete surface, requiring no hot works or large equipment.


The Result

Warehouse Safety SolutionsWarehouse Safety Solutions

The new polymeric d-Flexx barriers have greatly reduced the risk of vehicles or machinery entering the designated personnel walkway, providing a safer working environment for personnel and visitors to the facility.

The bright eye-catching barriers also benefit from being able to withstand multiple impacts, thanks to their strong polymeric design and ability to absorb force. 

Thwaites now benefit from the easy maintenance found with the d-Flexx polymeric system, allowing parts of the barrier system to be interchanged or replaced as necessary.

Additionally, Thwaites have undergone an excellent visual improvement for the surface marking areas, making them much more distinguishable to personnel operating vehicles and machinery.

The combination of UltraLine L210 and ViaLine F210 paint will ensure these new surface markings will stay extremely durable, resistant to heavy machinery traffic and harsh weather.

UltraCrack, the flexible joint and crack repair system ensures the cracked concrete repair will stay impact resistant, withstanding the regular heavy vehicle traffic at the facility.

“The feedback from colleagues and senior management has been excellent, with the striking appearance being one of the standout comments.

The factory team have adapted well to the new walkways, which is another positive from the planning, installation and communication period.

We would certainly recommend Meon, as our experience has been first class.”

Paul Evetts, Planning and Supply Manager

Warehouse Safety Solutions
Warehouse Safety Solutions

Systems USed

d-flexx Pedestrian Barrier 3 Rail

d-flexx Pedestrian Barrier 3 Rail

The flexible d-flexx safety barrier is an innovative and economic separation of pedestrian areas and trails. Due to the modular system a customised solution can always be supplied by means of individual cuttings.

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External Floor Markings

External Floor Markings

External Line Marking paint products from Meon have their specific advantage and ideal areas of use. There is a vast range of surface types and having the right product for the right surface is important. Our range varies from solvent based epoxy, solvent based acrylic, water base, chlorinated rubber and MMA. There is an essential solution for each external line marking product, with options to select from durability, reflectivity, environmentally friendly, or just a good value marking.

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Crack Repair & Overbanding

Crack Repair & Overbanding

Overbanding & Crack repair systems from Warehouse Safety Solutions are a fast and easy solution to repair cracks and broken asphalt or concrete. Most of our products have a natural skid resistance and are particularly cost-effective. A carefully selected range of options for permanent crack, asphalt repair and overbanding. A solution for every surface and every budget.
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