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Frequently Asked Questions

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Line & Surface Marking

Refer to TDS, as it varies across products. Typically 5°C for solvent-based & 10°C for water-based and solvent-free products.

The drying & curing times we quote for our products are mostly based on an air temperature of 15°C. These times will approximately double for every 5°C drop in air temperature, cooler air can absorb less solvent, therefore lower temperatures will affect drying times.

Surface Repair

As a temporary spray it is designed to last between 2-8 weeks.

Yes, we do have products and additives which offer good slip resistance when applied correctly to suitable substrates. Typically SRV45 or more is considered suitable for medium risk areas such as walkways, rising to SRV65 or more for high risk areas such as High Friction Surfacing.

Application Conditions

Typically the answer is yes, as the chilling process tends to extract moisture from the air and creates a relatively dry atmosphere. The curing time will be extended, we recommend a test patch first to check.

We recommend the use of water based paints, rather than solvent based, in food prep and storage areas, as this removes the risk of solvent taint to the foods.  Be careful, as some water based paints have an ammonia content.  Whilst this is a widely used ingredient in water based paints, it can set off ammonia detector alarms if they are fitted to your cooling system.  Use an ammonia-free water based paint.


Complaints about the smell of paint are common, and the smell is mostly due to the solvent used to keep the paint resin in solution. If the paint is being used in a large space such as a warehouse or factory, the actual risk to health is generally low. However, the perceived risk is high and the smell is unpleasant to some. We recommend the use of water-based paints; make sure they are ammonia-free or there may still be complaints about the smell of that!

First is to look at the Safety Data Sheet for that product often known as the MSDS, as the disposal it will depend on each product. We would recommend you contact a waste disposal company that is certified for waste paint disposal such as Safety Kleen or Biffa. At Meon, we have helped by putting our EnviraPac liner in some of our paint products. This ensures you can get all of the product out and the clean empty tins can be recycled without any hazardous worry.

Machines and Equipment

They are all designed & tested to last for at least a complete shift. the actual capacity depends on model, & whether it is single or dual battery. Some last much longer than a shift, so please discuss for more detail.

If your machine is not going to be used, then a full clean and flush is required to removed all residue of paint, before filling the pump with pump armour to prolong the life of the pump and seals. It is also a good time of year to send the machine into Meon to have it serviced where it will be completely checked over to ensure full working order for the following season.

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