An area of the warehouse that is often at risk from impacts is pillars & columns. They are crucial to building integrity and therefore need some form of protection


If space permits, an excellent option is to use the d-flexx Column Protector system, as this is spaced off the column and will absorb impacts by deflection, without any direct effect on the pillar or column that it is providing protection to. This is preferable to the other option of direct fix protection, as with direct fix there is likely to be some transmission of impact although it will be greatly lessened

The Column Protector system is supplied precut and ready to assemble and install on site, with no cutting or fabrication required

They are supplied in 2 sizes, 600mm x 600mm [to protect a 100mm x 100mm column] & 1305mm x 1305mm [to protect up to a 600mm x 600mm column]. Alternatively we can make in specific sizes, up to 1500mm x 1500mm

d-flexx Pedestrian Barrier 3 Rail - Column Protector (Size - 600 x 600 x 1200mm)